The Importance of looking your best

Before I start, I just want to make sure I don’t forget to encourage all the people who are doing NaNoWriMo this year! You guys rock for even attempting this! I sure would love to read your novels one day!

Now, moving on to my real topic. Every so often, on the TV or wherever, you see people complaining about how they are expected to look perfect wherever they go. They say that its almost suffocating when society places such ‘demands’ on them. And in some cases, I agree. Its important to know that human beings cannot look perfect every second of the day, but, I do think we should look our best when it matters.¬†

I’m sure you guys know about my not-so affluent background. So, for me, to make a good impression, I need to look sharp. I wear proper suits for any ¬†meeting or interview. I make sure I groom myself and look presentable at least when I need to. You’ll be surprised at how far a neat, presentable appearance can get you in this world. It isn’t constrictive, it just shows people that you’re taking care of yourself and hence you can take care of other things too. Projecting to the world that you don’t care about yourself will make the world not care about you either.

I’m not saying that you should judge others on their appearance, but, do make sure you look your best at times when it calls for it. It is super important .